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Hello! My name is Tara Donnelly, and I am currently a fourth year film student studying at Montana State University. I’m 21 years old and this fall, I am living my dream and travelling abroad to spend a semester studying at the University of Exeter! When I am not freaking out about school, travels, and life after graduation, I enjoy writing, reading, painting, and, of course, movies. If you enjoy reading about travel, art, all things film, and the all too real pressures of life after college, then go ahead and give this blog a read!


The Comfort Zone

A week from today, I will be seated on a plane flying from Toronto to Glasgow. It will be the longest plane ride I have ever been on, the longest day of travel I’ve ever had to endure, and the most terrifying journey I will have ever experienced. It will be the first time that I will be completely and utterly on my own. No friends. No family. Just me and a boarding pass.

I am thrilled.

Of course, I am scared beyond belief, that I cannot deny. But if you were to know me, you would know that this is my lifelong dream. It’s something I’ve longed for, prayed for, ached for, and I almost didn’t let myself have it.

Until one day, I made a decision.

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   August 18th, 2015    Preparing for University, Undergraduate, Year Abroad     ,

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