Top 5 Tips to Combat Loneliness at University

Hello, my name is Lydia and today I’m going to be giving you my top 5 tips to combat loneliness while at uni!

1. First up for me would be planning a day trip with my friends. My favourite place to go is Exmouth! Sometimes it can just be nice to get out of the city and have a change of scenery!

2. Another great thing to do is get involved with societies! Last year I went to a barn dance with Christian union, so much fun! They’re great groups of people with common interests, so you’re bound to find people you get on well with. (more…)

   May 15th, 2023    Miscellaneous

Finding housemates – where do I look?

Hello! My name is Lydia, and I am here to help guide you on the journey of choosing housemates!

Usually, after moving out of student halls, people like to move into a house in the city to change their living situation and experience living in a house. It can be quite daunting when you feel like people have already sorted people to live with, but don’t worry; so many people are out there searching for housemates too! (more…)

   April 19th, 2023    Miscellaneous

What I’ve learnt after living with strangers for the first time

There’s no denying that it is daunting and slightly uncomfortable moving in with strangers whom you have never met before, and suddenly you are sharing huge amounts of time and space with them.

However, it is also a super exciting opportunity to make new friendships, find your independence and get yourself into adult life!

Here are a few points that, from my experience, made the transition enjoyable and smooth: (more…)

   April 6th, 2023    Miscellaneous

Holi Festival celebrations at the university

Hey guys! Earlier this month saw the Hindu celebrations of Holi – a festival of colour, love and new beginnings. I’m going to tell you a bit about what it was like as a student to celebrate Holi down at the Cornwall campus and the events that took place!

To start the celebrations, a variety of Asian cuisine was served in the main Stannary from 12:00, with bright decorations and upbeat traditional music. This included snacks such as spring rolls, samosas and pakoras. Mains included some delicious dahl, paneer and bhajis with rice and naan, and big bowls of kheer for dessert. Everyone sat down to eat together with lots of excited talk about the events to come.


   March 29th, 2023    Cornwall, Food and eating, International, Life on Campus, Miscellaneous, Penryn Campus

Let’s shop in Exeter

Bringing you a mini list of 5 places to visit for a shop from a final year students Point of View.
The high street has a bit of everything and I have it on my mothers word that the go to bigger brands like: Zara and H&M, always have more in-store in stock products, as well as better discounts than in London. But here are 5 other spots for you to try.

   March 27th, 2023    Life in the South West, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, The city of Exeter     ,

Top 5 ways to go greener on campus

Hello! I’m Molly, a current zoology undergrad and I’m going to be giving you my top 5 ways to go greener on the Penryn campus.

1. Join the societies!
There are some really brilliant societies to join that have a keen focus on sustainability and protecting nature.

Penryn Produce – Collect a bag of locally grown fruits and veggies every Thursday for only £7. A great way to get in your 5-a-day and support local farmers!

Green Living Falmouth – Holds weekly allotment sessions, where you can get your hands dirty and plant some organic veggies with the team. They even organise picnics where you can try the home-grown produce and other local foods.

Wild Doc Society – A great way to get into the world of natural filmmaking and media, hosting film nights and monthly talks from guests (previously including talks from Steve Backshall, Jack Randall and Elizabeth White).

Ecosoc – One of the biggest societies down here, Ecosoc holds moth trapping, bird watching, bird ringing, guest talks and lots of other environmental activities that will make you feel so lucky to have access to Cornwall’s variety of wildlife. (more…)

   February 7th, 2023    Miscellaneous

My Top Tips for Clearing – by Idris

Written by Idris, studying MSc Social and Organisational Psychology. Also studied BSc (Hons) Psychology at the University of Exeter 2018-2021.


Before I received my IB results in 2018, I consulted my University Guidance Counsellor about Clearing as a contingency plan in case things didn’t go my way. I learnt what I needed to do should I ever end up in that position and I felt prepared with having a contingency plan. When I received my IB result, they did not meet the requirements of my chosen Universities therefore as soon as it was confirmed I got into Clearing, that was when I enacted my plan.

Here are tips that I would advise regarding Clearing: (more…)

   August 16th, 2022    Clearing, Exams and Assessment, Miscellaneous, Preparing for University, Undergraduate

A Day in the Life of an English Student at the University of Exeter

Hi there, my name is Sophie and I am a 3rd year English student at the University of Exeter. In this post I want to take you through a typical day in my life to give you a taste of what it is like to study at one of the best universities in the world (not that I am biased…). Whether you’re looking to study English, heading to Exeter this September, or are just curious about student life, I hope you enjoy this post. (more…)

   May 7th, 2021    Life on Campus, Miscellaneous, The city of Exeter, Undergraduate     , , , , ,

5 most common worries about going to university… and why you don’t need to be

Coming to university can often be a scary and unfamiliar journey…but fear not you have nothing to worry about – you’ll absolutely love it! Here are 5 common worries that you need not fret about: (more…)

   March 1st, 2021    Careers, Food and eating, Higher Education, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Studying, Undergraduate

How do I prepare for starting university? Five top tips!

By Hannah, studying BA English with Study Abroad

Preparing to start university is simultaneously an incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking time. As a student in my final year in Exeter, I want to give you my five tried and tested top tips for preparing for starting university. (more…)

   February 24th, 2021    Miscellaneous

5 things I wish I knew before coming to university


Contact Hours
Despite being a university student, and told that you should become more independent and not rely on your lecturers and tutors to spoon feed you your learning materials, don’t forget that you can always seek help from your tutors during contact hours.

If I had a chance to repeat year one, I would better utilise contact hours because tutors are so helpful to answer any of your questions to prepare you for your assignments and exams. I had a few assignments which I thought I did not do well enough, and after approaching academics during contact hours for feedback, I actually made significant improvements in my next assignment because I had a very clear understanding of what I had to improve on.


   August 24th, 2020    Freshers Week, Higher Education, International, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Preparing for University, Undergraduate

Going to a Virtual Open Day

Hi! I’m Annie, and I’m studying for a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Choosing which universities you want to apply for at the moment may be daunting for some. Without being able to visit the cities and get a feel for the place you might find it difficult to picture yourself living there. HOWEVER… many universities are adapting to offer online open days!

You may be hesitant to attend as you feel it won’t be the same experience and you won’t be able to get the information that you need. BUT… fear not I am going to explain all the resources you have available on an online open day and what you can get out of it! (more…)

   August 19th, 2020    Miscellaneous

Life in Lockdown – How I Survived and Thrived

At first, I was afraid… I was petrified… then life somehow returned to a slightly updated version of ‘normal’. It’s nigh on impossible to write a blog in the ‘mid-covids’, (if that’s what we can call it?) without referring to the ‘C’ word. What an extraordinary time we live in, and for all of us, almost nothing will be as it was for the near future at least.  As I was thinking about writing this blog, I was wondering what to focus on, apart from the obvious.  But I made a quick list of achievements, even the little things, that I had got done amongst, not going to lie, many weeks of uncertainty, and sheer panic at times. It was an impressive list.

The foremost ‘problem’ I tried to solve, was – and I think I wasn’t  the only one – how on earth to keep studying and working towards a goal, when the global goalposts have shifted out of all recognition? Keep calm and carry on was NOT top of my list!

So, this blog will highlight something about my life as a (very) mature student, (!), what I have been doing to keep myself sane, and most importantly what I have learned as a student and now as a post-grad at Exeter, not only academically, but the life skills which have come in very useful indeed! (more…)

   July 16th, 2020    Health and wellbeing, Higher Education, Miscellaneous, Preparing for University, Studying

7 things lockdown makes me miss about Exeter: Thoughts from a 2nd Year

Hi, I’m Prutha! I’m a second year Economics and Finance student from Dubai, and this quarantine really got me reflecting on the many plans my friends and I had once term ended, exams were over and the good times began. Instead , I’m 7 seas away from them and the only thing on my mind is how much I miss my time at university. So whether you’re enjoying quarantine, just graduated, or a fresher looking to study here, here’s 7 things I miss about Exeter.

  1. The good times with all my pals:

Late night talks, nights out, trying to keep up with the British drinking games, 8:30 AM lectures, board games, disastrous cooking sessions and all the other everyday adventures I had with my friends and all the hours I spent laughing with them (or at them).


   May 29th, 2020    Exploring Devon and Cornwall, Health and wellbeing, Higher Education, International, Life in the South West, Life on Campus, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Studying, The city of Exeter, Undergraduate

The Postgraduate life: Managing study and managing your routine

When I made the choice to carry on with my studies by taking on a postgraduate degree, I was left contemplating how an MA schedule would affect by routine. I also questioned how it would fit in around my current job. Funding for an MA can be covered by a government loan, but maintenance loans were scraped for postgraduate students about a year ago. I decided to work part-time and study part-time to remedy this. This way I could ensure that I would have the time to do my MA justice. However, many of my friends have managed to work part-time and study an MA full-time under more stressful time restraints. Still, I was pleased with the choice I made to go part-time while studying an MA in Creativity. An MA offers so many routes for growth and expansion that are not part of the required reading list or contact hours. In this blog, I hope to explain what life is like for a part-time MA student so that others might better be able to decide what pace they want to work at during further study. (more…)

   May 18th, 2020    Miscellaneous, Postgraduate, Studying, The city of Exeter

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