‘My Clearing experience’: Toyosi, studying LLB Law with Business

Entering the clearing process for me was a shock. I never imagined that I would be in that situation and panicking was not ideal during the circumstance I was in. The factor that helped me the most during this process was my family. I had my mum doing some research and my sister looking at the universities in detail. After hours of phone calls, I finally narrowed my options down to University of Exeter to study LLB Law with business. Yes!

The thing about clearing is that you are guaranteed to find so many good universities like Exeter, but it does take time and patience. Some advice I would give to those who find themselves in the same situation I was in last year is: do not feel disheartened, make sure you are aware of time and keep calling up universities! It is also important to ensure you have all your details and grades ready before calling, this gives you a good chance at securing a place. All in all, clearing is not the end of the road, it’s the start of a new journey.

I have just finished my first year of studying LLB Law with Business. The course has been such an amazing experience already, living on the Penryn Campus is something that I will be forever grateful for. With small-sized seminar groups and 1-on-1 contact with lecturers, I do not regret choosing this option during clearing.

   August 11th, 2020    Applying, Clearing, Higher Education, Preparing for University, Undergraduate

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