Studying at the University of Exeter

Have you ever dreamed of going to a beach after a lecture? Have you ever thought it could be possible to have a group meeting with a sea view? That is what life at the University of Exeter can be like!

Studying at the University of Exeter will give you a chance to experience a lot of new opportunities. One of the advantages of being a student on the Penryn Campus is being only several minutes away from the sea. A big variety of clubs and societies, that can only be found here, helps students to broaden their horizons as well as gives an opportunity to meet people form different parts of the world.

While living on campus, students can benefit from the opportunity to learn about other cultures, form life-long friendships and make lasting memories. Plenty of on-campus casual jobs can be found here, therefore it is pretty easy to find a part-time job or an internship.

Studying a degree at the University of Exeter, enables you to meet highly qualified professors, who can also become one of your friends, as all of the members of staff are incredibly helpful and friendly, which is vital in a teaching process.

If you are a big fan of travelling, the University of Exeter is the right place to go as you will be able to explore breathtaking places such as the Eden Project or Lizard point, which are located not far away from the university.

If I was given a second chance to choose a place, where I want to spend the most important years of my life, would I make the same decision? The answer is definitely YES!


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