Why I chose to study International Relations at Exeter

I remember being in Sixth Form in England, stressing about what universities I would place in my top two choices for UCAS. Being in third year now, I genuinely am so happy I chose Exeter. Although it sounds cliché, Exeter has allowed me to live a great student life which is probably (another cliché statement) something I won’t ever forget.

Here are some reasons why I chose Exeter:

1. Campus University

Having lived in the bustling city of Tokyo, city life is something I am very used to. Yet, one of my top priorities when applying to universities, was a university that was campus-based. Campus universities make it easy to settle down and provide a community feeling, which is something I would find harder to achieve if I was based in a city. As a bonus, the Exeter Campus is covered in nature with a high tree to student ratio. Thus, it was a no-brainer for me to put Exeter as my firm choice after I visited the campus for the Offer-Holder Visit Day. Exeter really is a great campus University.

2. Course Flexibility

I knew I wanted to study International Relations at university since Sixth Form. When I was applying on UCAS, I remember looking on different university websites to see what modules they offered. Exeter by far had the biggest range of modules I could choose from, which was a major factor as to why I chose Exeter. From studying the politics of other countries to having more of a focus on political analysis, the vast range of modules available to students instantly grabbed my attention. Although I knew I wanted to study IR, I wanted to use my time at university to explore specifically what area I wanted to focus on and Exeter allowed me to do this.

3. Life off-Campus

Although I knew I was going to be based on campus for most of my student life at Exeter, for me looking at the town life and nightlife was equally important. Exeter is a really beautiful city, especially the Quay and the Cathedral Green area. It is so easy to access the train to go to beaches such as Dawlish and Exmouth. Exeter is full of cafes and Asian food restaurants (my favourite being Somboon) which really mattered to me! In terms of nightlife, there is a range of clubs (depending on the type of music you like) and bars to choose from. There really is something for everyone in the lively streets of Exeter.

4. International Student Opportunities

Exeter provides great opportunities for international students like me with many opportunities for networking and studying abroad, not only in Europe, but also in Asia. During my final year, I have really started to appreciate Exeter’s Career Zone. I recommend any first or second year alike, to start looking at the opportunities provided by the University, as I regret not making good use of them in my early years! There’s not only careers support, but Exeter also offers international students help with their English, which really has been helpful for me personally to improve my English grammar (something I’ve struggled with for a while!)

Overall, it will not surprise you that I would recommend the University of Exeter to anyone who is thinking about making it their first choice. There is something for everyone in Exeter and I’ve had a great student life here not only in terms of social life but also interactions on my course. It has been a really exciting chapter of my life.

   February 18th, 2019    Careers, International, Miscellaneous

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