Work abroad – all you need to know

My year in Italy

I worked in Italy, as a Communications and Marketing Assistant at an NGO. The experience wasn’t easy and I still think that studying is more enjoyable. But no one promised me that something would be easy. I’ve significantly developed myself as a professional and gained some important skills, such as flexibility, teamwork, the ability to plan and use my initiative. Also, because I was abroad, I’ve become more culturally adaptable, learnt to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds. Placement is a lot of fun as well – it gives you the opportunity to travel and to meet new people!

What is “work abroad”?

A year abroad takes place after your second year in Exeter, as part of a four-year degree. What can you do during this year?  You can work for a company or teach English during a period of min. 7 months. You can go anywhere in the world, the choice is yours!


  • Do not think that your course or visa doesn’t allow you to go a year abroad. Check with your college or email , as in majority of cases you CAN do it. Plus, there are always short-term summer opportunities.
  • Is there financial support? Yes! There are scholarships available for all university students (including international fee payers), such as: Erasmus + and Santander Grants. Visit Funding page for more information.
  • Fee to pay to Exeter? Yes, but is a much smaller amount than usual.
  • Do I have to speak a foreign language? No! In many countries you can find English-speaking job opportunities. In fact, many organisations in non-English speaking countries crave native language skills.
  • How can I find a  job internationally? Online! There is a wealth of websites. A good place to start is to book an appointment with CareerZone’s Global Employability team. They will take you through the process of finding and applying for jobs. Have a look at some of their country specific information.
  • Missed the deadline? No! For a FCH degree, you just have to secure your placement before the end of summer term of your second year. Just check with your College for more info.
  • What can I do now? Read the University’s Work-abroad page. Book an appointment with Global Employability Advisor, 01392 724493, or make an appointment in person in the Career Zone. Visit Q&A sessions run by students who came from their year abroad or just ask at

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