Visions as practice in practice-based research

We were honored to have helped inspire this thoughtful artistic response by Sarah Scaife, South West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership AHRC funded PhD Researcher:

“Presentation given to the Exeter University Magic & Esotericism Research Group on 27 May 2020. This work was catalysed by Dr Emily Selove’s presentation, Dangerous Books, to the same research group on 3 April 2020. I was intrigued by Selove’s reference to a spell involving “a slave girl”, which relied on the intimate interior of a woman’s body as a site of magic. This brought to mind Bernini’s sculpture of a woman who began to experience religious ecstasy during almost a year of ill-health, The Ecstasy of St Teresa, and links to my own practice-based research. The PDF shared here is the Notes view of my 30 minute presentation. See also ‘Dream as aperture, dream as well’ 2021 conference presentation.”

See more of her work here: