What is The Space Between?

A brief introduction

'The Space Between' in its philosophy refers to a liminal online space that exists amongst and between innumerable other online platforms. As such, it is an ideal springboard for projects involving space, technology, education and accessibility.

The first reference involves the 2015 project, 'Space In Your Hands', an initiative designed to make education about space and the universe more accessible to the visually impaired via 3D printing technology. More information about this project can be found under the Space in Your Hands page in the menu above.

Relative to the idea of 'the space between', digital GeoGebra applets have been integrated into classes administered by Dr Claire Foullon to allow students their own interactive learning space that can also be available to the educator to track progress. More information on the Exeter GeoGebra initiative can be found on the GeoGebra page.

Space, both physical and digital, and the improvement of accessibility in education through technology have both become of paramount importance to our modern world as things adapt, change and develop. This also comes at a time when the world is readjusting to life inside or in some cases, newly outside of a global pandemic.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a detailed insight into the value and mechanics of the two projects. Opportunities to be involved will be detailed on a separate page, along with the contact information for those involved currently.