Exeter GeoGebra

What is GeoGebra?

GeoGebra is a dynamic, interactive computer program created to aid the learning, teaching and application of a range of mathematic subjects. The implementation of applets facilitated by Dr Claire Foullon will students explore the topics in interactive ways and help them to assimilate the topics.

GeoGebra classes

GeoGebra classes are a group of applet activities with students using an online code to access their own virtual space, while the educator can see and share everyone's progress. This can also be used as a tool to poll students, with quizzes of various types as in Mentimeter.

GeoGebra in Action

Below are screengrabs from a presentation using GeoGebra. Figure 1 includes a demonstration of an example question and answer using the software. Figure 2 contains visuals of feedback collected after the GeoGebra applet session.



Feedback and reviews

Student feedback is essential to gauging the value and success of the implementation of these applets. Dr Foullon collected the following pieces of feedback collected after Term 2 of the 2021 academic year.

Image credit: MetaGnosi 

“The use of online applets was very helpful for visualising what we were studying but also for checking answers in problem sets”

“The diagrams and applets helped me to understand.”

"Video lectures were interactive and more interesting than the usual online lectures of other modules thanks to the GeoGebra applet used.”

“Use of GeoGebra applets was very engaging.”

“Geogebra applets were a good way of demonstrating concepts.”

“The use of applets to help visualise what the various equations represented in real life.”