Meet our team at the University of Exeter and around the world. We will add more people and photos soon. See the full team gallery below, or view the team by themes (under construction): fluxes, paleo and modelling.

Angela Gallego-Sala

Angela is the Principal Investigator and the creator of the TroPeaCC project. She is a professor in Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Cycles in the University of Exeter. She is passionate about peat.

Tim Hill

Tim is an Associate Professor in Physical Geography in the University of Exeter. He likes all kinds of fluxes: carbon, energy, water and trace gases.

Terhi Riutta

Terhi is the TroPeaCC postdoc, responsible for the eddy covariance measurements. She hearts trees, Sphagnum mosses and carbon.

Carol Signori-Müller

Carol is an ecophysiologist that loves tropical forests and is very excited to broaden her knowledge about GHG emissions from tropical peatlands along with the amazing TroPeaCC team.

Elise Dehaen

Elise is a TroPeaCC PhD student who loves tropical peatlands and aspires to strengthen our understanding of their functioning using the JULES land surface model.

Jorge Ramirez

Jorge is a TroPeaCC postdoc modelling methane emissions from tropical peatlands. He enjoys simulating peat accumulation, methane bubbles in peat and landscape evolution.

TroPeaCC technician

A new team member to join in 2022, who will love peat and lab work.

Carolina Duran Rojas

Carolina loves earth system models, and - a rarity amongst peatlanders - is also an astronomer.

Sarah Chadburn

Sarah is a land surface modeller who will co-supervise the modelling work in TroPeaCC. Peat is one of her favourite land surface types (along with permafrost). She thinks microbes are cool too.

David Hein-Griggs

David is the dedicated scientific software engineer for the Geography Department at the University of Exeter. David’s background is in regional climate modelling, but David loves all computer models, including those which model tropical peatland. David also loves GIS, coding and generally solving any technical challenge which comes his way.

Susan Page

Sue is the leading expert in tropical peatlands and she has worked for a number of years in South East Asia and more recently in peatlands in Congo and South America. She is interested in ecosystem functioning but also in the interaction of humans and peatlands.

Juan Benavides

Juan is a botanist who specializes in bryophyte ecology. However, lately an interest in peat and peat forming ecosystems has allowed him to explore topics of carbon cycling, paleoecology, restoration and climate mitigation in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Xavier Comas

Xavier is a Professor in Geosciences at Florida Atlantic University. He enjoys dragging geophysical equipment in peatlands around the world from the tropics to the Arctic.

Jenny Farmer

All the TroPeaCC collaborators love peat.

Becky Mitchell

Beccy is involved in TroPeaCC as CEO of project partner Quanterra Systems Ltd. She loves working on anything to do with the natural environment.

Chandra Shekhar Deshmukh

All TroPeaCC collaborators love peat

Gerard Imani

Gerard has a PhD in Forest and biodiversity. The focus of his research is forest conservation and sustainable management of natural. He is a senior Lecturer at the Université Officielle de Bukavu. He also works as a Freelance consultant in the forests and climate change, wood energy and Ecosystem services sectors.

Graeme Swindles

Graeme has broad research interests in Earth System Science and work on topics concerning both past, present and future environmental and climatic change. He works in a diverse range of environments from Arctic tundra to tropical rainforests and many places in-between.

Alejandro Delgado Guerrero

Alejandro is a researcher at the Universidad Javeriana in Colombia. His main research interest is the carbon cycle and its regulators in tropical peatlands using of the eddy covariance method.

Juan Carlos Berrio

Juan Carlos is an ecologist interested in the current and past vegetation dynamics, with long-standing expertise in studying long-term impacts of climate change on the vegetation of the tropical Andes and the surrounding lowlands. As a palaeoecologists, he is researching the main driving mechanisms of vegetation dynamics over the Quaternary period, with a particular interest in contemporary events of climate change during the Anthropocene.

Rich Pancost

Rich loves all forms of organic matter but especially peat organic matter and especially peat microbial lipids (and their isotopes!).

Arnoud Boom

All the TroPeaCC collaborators love peat.

Rob Low

Rob works independently through Rigare Ltd, and has carried out ecohydrological projects on around 200 wetlands in the UK. He was also a field volunteer working in tropical, coastal peatlands in Panama in 2015. Rob’s current contribution to the project is provision of automatic water level recorders!

Changjia Li

Changjia is a lecturer in Physical Geography, Faculty of Geographical Science, Beijing Normal University. His PhD looks peat erosion processes, patterns and rates in the blanket peatlands of the UK. He likes meta-analysis, eddy covariance, carbon fluxes, and tropical peatland ecosystems.

Maria Mills

Maria is a tropical ecologist interested in carbon fluxes and vegetation dynamics. Her PhD looks at the role of natural and anthropogenic pressures on stem respiration in tropical forests. She loves eddy covariance, carbon fluxes, tropical trees and peat.


All the TroPeaCC collaborators love peat.


All the TroPeaCC collaborators love peat.


All the TroPeaCC collaborators love peat.


All the TroPeaCC collaborators love peat.


All the TroPeaCC collaborators love peat.


All the TroPeaCC collaborators love peat.


All the TroPeaCC collaborators love peat.