Terhi Riutta, University of Exeter

I am an ecosystem ecologist with experience in working in boreal, temperate and tropical systems. Most of my research focuses on primary productivity and carbon dynamics of forests and peatlands. I am particularly interested in the impact that various anthropogenic pressures (climate change, logging, drainage, degradation and fragmentation) have on these systems.

During my PhD, I worked on boreal peatlands (see my beloved Siikaneva fen site here). After my PhD, I moved to temperate (Wytham Woods) and tropical forests (GEM network and SAFE Project). I work mostly at the ecosystem scale, using bottom-up (intensive plots, controlled experiments) and top down (eddy covariance) methods, with the aim to quantify the complete ecosystem carbon budget, the components of the carbon budget, and their drivers.

I am excited to be working on peatlands again, combining my previous expertise in peatland and tropical forest ecology. In the TroPeaCC project, my main role is to lead the eddy covariance measurements in our intensive monitoring sites.

I occasionally tweet at @terhiriutta.

See also my University of Exeter webpage.