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ironies of the microelectronic revolution: the scandal of tantalum mining

11.08.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

The enthusiasm for the microelectronic revolution is dampened if one considers the social and environmental cost of the mobile phone – especially at the source: tantalum mining is a mired in exploitation, rape, and civil war. Alongside blood diamonds we should talk of “blood mobiles”. The irony? The mobile phone is the very device that made it possible to expose this scandal and organise campaigns against it. Bandi Mbubi brings these two observations together to launch his campaign for the development of an ethical mobile phone



A very good reflection on mobile phones, the margins of the capitalist world, original accumulation and organised crime: Pazar: Bir ticaret masalesi (The Market: A Tale of Trade) – available on BBC iplayer until 14th November

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