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mixed messages?

12.21.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

anti immigration attitudes are on a new high – according YouGov figures reported on Liberal Conspiracy – but, according to research by British Future, never before were people so “comfortable” with “mixed-race” partnerships (also reported on Liberal Conspiracy)
This leaves me slightly nervous, but also optimistic: attitudes relating to family life tend to be more stable and indicative of long-term trends than opinions voiced on daily politics… and while “the public” seems to be concerned that “British culture” is under threat from high levels of immigration, they seem reassuringly unconcerned about the cultural impact “inter-racial” and “inter-faith” marriages

full reports here:

The YouGov report has some interesting observations how the anti-immigration attitude does not seem strong enough, at the moment, to translate into political votes – and there seem to be indications that many who are concerned about levels of immigration also accept them as inevitable.

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