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06.05.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

If the currently governing AKP government in Turkey can be correctly described as “post-Islamist” movement emerging from the more clearly Islamist Refah… then we may be witnessing the emergence of post-post-Islamists turning their backs on the the AKP – people like Bülent Peker for whom the government reaction to the current protests is the last straw marking the turn away from liberalism. It could be said that post-Islamist commitment to liberal democracy may have been a mere tactic to counter authoritarian secularism, utilising Western human rights discourses to counter Westernising antitraditionalism. But even if that is the case, the liberal-democratic turn in Islamist politics has nurtured and produced Muslim intellectuals (and, presumably, a wider Muslim public) for whom liberal democracy has become a serious part of their value orientation – writers like Mustafa Akyol who bemoan the Prime Minister’s relapse into nepotism, lack of transparency and professionalism, and authoritarianism – and who positively appreciates the fact that Turkey is a country “with huge mosques that are well attended… and huge bars that are well attended as well”.


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