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is an endorsement from someone who stands on the opposite end of the democratic political spectrum. Here’s Conservative Lord Moore whose tutor Ralph Miliband was (quoted from the Guardian)

Moore, who served in Thatcher’s cabinet between 1986 and 1989 and was briefly tipped as a potential successor to Thatcher, said it “beggars belief” that the Mail could impugn the patriotism of Miliband, who taught him at the London School of Economics.

Praising Miliband as a “great academic” and an inspiring teacher, Moore said: “Ralph Miliband taught me and I can say he was one of the most inspiring and objective teachers I had. Of course, we had different political opinions but he never treated me with anything less than complete courtesy and I had profound respect for his integrity.”

In a statement issued to the Press Association Moore added: “He had come here as a refugee, done his duty to his adopted country by serving in our Royal Navy during the war, become a great academic and raised a good family.

“I saw him week after week and it beggars belief that the Daily Mail can accuse him of lacking patriotism. I never heard him ever say one word which was negative about Britain – our country.

I always thought Miliband’s political analysis a tad simplistic – but as academic teacher he certainly is a role model!

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