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ghosts of capitalism past, present and yet to come: the plan

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(0) Introduction: The Reality of Ghosts – a Materialist View

glimpses: Benjamin Franklin as ghostin-betweenness, vestibules, rhizomesin-between: Ibn Arabi and Georg SimmelNames, Mystics, and Consumer Immortality

I Spirited Capitalism

(1) Inspiring Capitalism: the Protestant Ethic and Base/Superstructure Reloaded

glimpses: Marx/Weber/Darwinelective affinities & base/superstructurespirit of capitalism and fordist daydreamssnippet on base/superstructurebase/superstructure: Gramsci on Berlusconi,

(2) Inspiring Consumerism: the Romantic Ethic and the Structural Romanticism of Money

glimpses: the eccentricity of the romantic consumer: campbell, simmel, and plessnerRousseau the Puritan?Consumer eccentricity and subjectivity fetishThe Ancient Mariner Goes HollywoodConsumer Daydreams and Kierkegaard’s Sickness unto Death,

(3) Anatolian Sufi Capitalism – From Islamic Calvinists to Consumer Islam

glimpses: The Sufi ethics and the spirits of consumerism: A preliminary suggestion for further researchSufi dream cinemaSufi urbanism – Rumi and Marx against the idiocy of rural life…Futuwwah and the value of a pennysufi and cinematic imaginationCommerce of the Soul – a Mevlevi lineIslamisation as Westernisation?Pokémon, Islam, Consumerism, Israel, and the Cult of the Individual (in no particular order)

II Haunted Capitalism/Ghosts of Original Accumulation

(4) Postcolonial Angst and Ethical Consumption (Ghosts of Empire)

glimpses: The Fear of the Fairtrade Consumer – An Informed Guess on a Form of Consumer Anxiety, Post-colonial Guilt and Anti-conquest,  “Die Moralisierung des Konsums ist von Furcht getrieben.” – Fair Trade und die postkolonialen Statusängste von Konsumenten.Consuming the campesino: fair trade marketing between recognition and romantic commodificationEthical Consumption: The Case of Fair Trade,

(5) Inequality and Violence in the City (Ghosts of Enclosure)

glimpses: Veblen’s Labor Daymoney-recognition (Adorno/Horkheimer)Veblen in the Inner City: Sense of Entitlement and the Normality of Looting – A Reply to Iain Duncan SmithReciprocity, Recognition and Labor Value: Marx’s Incidental Moral Anthropology of Capitalist Market ExchangeWaste, Industry and Romantic Leisure: Veblen’s Theory of Recognition,

(6) Wounds of Accelerated Development (Ghosts of Empire and Republic – the Case of Turkey)

glimpses: Süleymaniyye in Londonİnce Memed and Paternalism

III Whistful Capitalism/Dreaming Post-Capitalist Futures

(7) Dreaming the Absolute – Totalitarian Nightmares

glimpses: StromlinienlimousineGeneva to Moscowtotalitarian potential in Gramsci?,White Rose antifascist globalismThe fatal attraction of Jacobinism: Žižek as Robespierre,

(8) Dreaming in the Subjunctive – Libertarian-Socialist Implications of Advanced Consumer Capitalism

glimpses:Towards a Consumerist Critique of Capitalism (and a Socialist Defence of Consumer Culture),  consumerism into fascism (part 1)expropriation of the brickolariat (Lego)Le nez rouge de DurkheimBecoming vs Being – Towards an anti-Heideggerian and post-Platonic Ontology of Fashion – A Preliminary NoteStonier’s “microelectronic revolution” – a forgotten concept?socialism and consumer choice,

(9) The General Intellect in Action: Gezi and the Summer of ‘13

glimpses: consumerism as folk religion?Ziya Gökalp, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the two Emile Durkheims,

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