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Consumer eccentricity and subjectivity fetish

As I am gearing up to re-working my paper on Plessner’s notion of eccentricity and Campbell’s analysis of romantic consumer selfhood I notice that a reference to Sennett’s Fall of Public Man is not quite contemporary enough to highlight the concerns about the dissolution from ceremonial division of (mostly public) roles and the (mostly private) ...

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… oh the irony?

06.26.2011 · Posted in consumer culture, fair trade*23%7CComing%20Soon   update May 2014 no longer works – the link used to refer to Tesco selling the volume Cultural Studies and Anti-Consumerism edited by Sam Blinkley and Jo Littler that also contains my “Consuming the Campesino” … ...

fairtrade: internationalism by supermarket?

10.14.2009 · Posted in consumer culture, fair trade, social justice

[this is an opinion piece i’ve written for e-IR] The idea of fairtrade is, at first glance, a paradoxical one. Observing that the capitalist world market works to the disfavour of producers in the Third World, left wing and Christian campaigners from the 1970s onwards tried to use this unfair market to establish equitable North-South ...

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