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Hall on Cameron and Osborne

09.13.2011 · Posted in social justice

Stuart Hall has (in yesterday’s Guardian) come out with a condemnation of the Coalition agenda as a “March of the Neoliberals” – a straightforward implementation of neoliberal ideology: Neoliberalism is grounded in the “free, possessive individual”, with the state cast as tyrannical and oppressive. The welfare state, in particular, is the arch enemy of freedom. ...

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fairtrade: internationalism by supermarket?

10.14.2009 · Posted in consumer culture, fair trade, social justice

[this is an opinion piece i’ve written for e-IR] The idea of fairtrade is, at first glance, a paradoxical one. Observing that the capitalist world market works to the disfavour of producers in the Third World, left wing and Christian campaigners from the 1970s onwards tried to use this unfair market to establish equitable North-South ...

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