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Nilüfer Göle on Gezi and what came after

06.17.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

[update 30th July 2013 – İhsan Yılmaz’ critical comments in the conservative/religious Zaman on the combined Kemalist-Islamist witch hunt against the eminent sociologist Nilüfer Göle … and our whole discipline for that matter are interesting reading] In a previous post I refer to the role that pioneering secular sociologists have played in de-demonising the new Turkish ...

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when islamism turns sociological…

06.07.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

It is always flattering when the influence of one’s academic discipline is played up – as here by the religious/conservative intellectual Ali Bulaç (see Guida 2010), emphasising the relevance of a subject that, after Islamic theology, he also studied. In his column for the Islamic-conservative daily Zaman he concludes a reflection on the social composition ...


06.05.2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

If the currently governing AKP government in Turkey can be correctly described as “post-Islamist” movement emerging from the more clearly Islamist Refah… then we may be witnessing the emergence of post-post-Islamists turning their backs on the the AKP – people like Bülent Peker for whom the government reaction to the current protests is the last ...

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