CDT students co-organise Exeter-Bath Knowledge Transfer conference

During October 2019, some of our CDT students hosted a one-day student conference at the University of Exeter. This was co-organised with some PhD students from the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials (CPPM) from University of Bath- the “Exeter-Bath Knowledge Transfer”. The aim of this event was to bring together researchers from both institutions and share the research that is being carried out in optics and photonics. In total, 23 students attended this event (9 from Bath, 14 from Exeter) and had the opportunity to present their work and learn about each other’s research projects. This event was useful for interchanging ideas and to begin establishing a network between the CPPM and CDT.

The program of the conference consisted of several oral presentations, some white board explanations and a poster session. At the end of the conference, our students gave a tour around some of the laboratories and the nanofabrication clean room facilities. Finally, a social was held at the Imperial to end a successful day.

The Exeter-Bath Knowledge Transfer event was organised thanks to seed funding that Iago Rodriguez Diez, Harry Penketh, Ben Hogan and students from the CPPM obtained from the collaborative discussion-led incubator workshop “Light@Bath”. This workshop took place in May at University of Bath for the International Day of Light and was supported by the EPSRC-funded project Reimagining Recruitment. The purpose of the event was to bring together researchers who work in photonics in order to exchange ideas, propose problems that are yet to be solved and generate collaborations. The outcome of this workshop was the organization of the one-day conference “Exeter-Bath Knowledge Transfer”.

Iago, one of our CDT students who co-ordinated the event, reported:

“This event was a very nice opportunity for getting to know what another research centre working in photonics does with light. As the main Exeter co-organizer of the event, this was a very good practice for me to challenge my organization and time management skills in terms of personal development. Thanks to everyone involved in the event!”

Liam Trimby passes his viva!

Congratulations to Liam Trimby, who has passed his viva. He was supervised by Prof. C. David Wright and Dr. Anna Baldycheva.Liam’s thesis was titled ‘Phase-Change Meta-Devices for Tuneable Bandpass Filtering in the Infrared’. The examiners were Prof. Martin Cryan from University of Bristol  and the internal examiner was Dr. Mustafa Aziz.

His achievements include winning the poster prize at CHAMP/WAFT conference in May 2018 for his poster on Multispectral Imaging using Phase-Change Meta-Filters.

Liam has also been heavily involved in outreach, having been a Metabuddies Lead Tutor (a schools outreach scheme run by CDT students) and a tutor for Brilliant Club KS4 (an outreach scheme targeted at disadvantaged Key Stage 4 students), as well as volunteering at WOMAD in 2017 and Pint of Science in 2019

Liam has co-authored the following publications:




Liam has presented at the following conferences:

  • Liam Trimby, Anna Baldycheva, David Wright, Poster: “Chalcogenide Perfect Absorbers for the Detection and Modulation of Infra-Red Radiation” Defence Materials Forum, Exeter, United Kingdom, 17th April 2016.
  • Liam Trimby, David Wright, “Phase-Change Metadevices Incorporating GaLaS”, Knowledge Transfer Network – Indstrial Applications of Metamaterials, London, United Kingdom 29th March 2017.
  • Liam Trimby, Anna Baldycheva, David Wright, Poster: “Multispectral Imaging using Phase-Change Meta-Filters”, SPIE West, San Francisco, California, 27th January –  1st February 2018.
  • Liam Trimby, Anna Baldycheva, David Wright, Poster: “Multispectral Imaging using Phase-Change Meta-Filters”, 2nd International Symposium on Doped Amorphous Chalcogenides and Devices, Lake District, United Kingdom, May 2018
  • Liam Trimby, John Lincolin, Anna Baldycheva, David Wright, “Tunable Band-Pass Filters using Phase-Change Materials” 4th Cranfield Defence and Security Symposia, Swindon, United Kingdom, 13th – 14th November.
  • Liam Trimby, Anna Baldycheva, David Wright, Poster: “Tunable Band-Pass Filters using Phase-change Materials”, European Phase-Change and Ovonic Symposium, Catania, Italy, 8th – 10th September, 2018.
  • Liam Trimby, Anna Baldycheva, David Wright, Poster: “Tunable Band-Pass Filters using Phase-Change Materials”, Smart NanoMaterials, Advances, and Applications, Paris, France, 10th – 13th December 2018.
  • Liam Trimby, David Wright, Presentation: “Tunable Band-Pass Filters using Phase-change Materials”, MRS Spring 2019, Phoenix, Arizona, 22nd – 26th April 2019.
  • Liam Trimby, Yat-Yin Au, and C. David Wright, “Electrical switching behaviour of Ge2Sb2SexTe5-x thin films using in-suti micro-heaters”, EPCOS 2019, Grenoble France, 8th – 10th September 2019.


Carlota Ruiz De Galarreta passes her viva!

We are delighted to announce that Carlota Ruiz De Galarreta  has passed her viva. She was supervised by Prof. C. David Wright and Dr. Jacopo Bertolotti. Carlota’s thesis was on “Optical phase-change metasurfaces: novel design concepts to practicable devices”. The examiners were Prof Anatoly Zayats from Kings College London, and the internal was Dr Ana Neves from Exeter’s Department of Engineering.

In 2017, Carlota participated in Girls in STEM summer school, an event to encourage 11-13 year old girls to consider careers in STEM.

Carlota worked as a post-doc as part of Prof. C. David Wright’s research group from June this year and is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at Instituto de Óptica Daza de Valdés.


Carlota has co-authored the following publications:


  • Ruiz De Galarreta Fanjul C, Alexeev A, Sinev I, Trofimov P, Bertolotti J, Wright CD. (2019) All-dielectric hybrid silicon/Ge2Sb2Te5 optical metasurfaces for tunable and switchable light control in the near infrared, Nanometa 2019: 7th International Topical Meeting on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, Seefeld, Austria, 3rd – 6th Jan 2019. [PDF]
  • Cai L, Ruiz De Galarreta Fanjul C, Wright CD, Herapath R, Qiu M, Li Q, Hendry E. (2019) Terahertz Amplitude Modulators using Phase-Change Matematerials, ICMAT 2019 – 10th International Conference of Materials for Advanced Technologies, 23rd – 28th Sep 2019.
  • Ruiz De Galarreta Fanjul C, Wright CD. (2019) Non-Volatile, Reconfigurable, Multilevel Photonic Devices Based on Phase-Change Metasurfaces and Thin Films, 2019 MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, Usa, 22nd – 26th Apr 2019.
  • Gemo E, Carrillo SGC, Degalarreta CR, Baldycheva A, Hayat H, Youngblood N, Bhaskaran H, Pernice WHP, Wright CD. (2019) Plasmonically-enhanced all-optical integrated phase-change memory, Optics Express, volume 27, pages 24724-24738, article no. 17, DOI:10.1364/OE.27.024724. [PDF]



  • Au Y-Y, Garcia-Cuevas Carrillo S, Ruiz De Galarreta Fanjul C, Wright CD. (2017) Infrared Phase-Change Meta-Devices with In-Situ Switching, E/PCOS 2017, Aachen, 3rd – 5th Sep 2017. [PDF]
  • Ruiz de Galarreta C, Alexeev AM, Bertolotti J, Cryan MJ, Klemm M, Wright CD. (2017) The design of practicable beam steering and beam shaping phase-change metasurfaces working at telecom frequencies, European Phase Change and Ovonic Symposium, EPCOS 2017, Aachen, Germany, 3rd – 5th Sep 2017,
  • Alexeev AM, Ruiz De Galarreta C, Garcia-Cuevas Carrillo S, Sinev IS, Samusev AK, Gemo E, Nagareddy VK, Au Y-Y, Wright CD. (2017) Tunable Dielectric Metadevices Enabled by Phase-Change Materials, European Phase Change and Ovonic Symposium, EPCOS 2017, Aachen, Germany, 3rd – 5th Sep 2017,


Carlota presented at the following conferences and workshops:


  •  May 2018, IEEE symposium on circuits and systems (ISCAS 2018), Florence (Italy)- Presentation: ‘Phase-Change Metasurfaces for Dyamic Beam Steering and Beam Shaping in the Infrared’ (authors: C Ruiz de Galarreta, A. Alexeev, J Bertolotti,C D Wright)


  • November 2017, 2017 MRS fall meeting, Boston (EEUU), Presentation: ‘Phase-Change Plasmonic Metasurfaces for Dynamic and Reconfigurable Beam Steering and Beam Shaping in the Near Infrared ‘, (authors: C Ruiz de Galarreta et al.)
  • October 2017, WAFT Scientific meeting 2017, Oxford (UK), Poster: ‘A Phase-change metamaterial-based dynamic beam steering device’ (authors: C Ruiz de Galarreta, A. Alexeev, J Bertolotti, M Cryan, M Klemm, C D Wright)
  • September 2017, E\PCOS conference 2017, Aachen (Germany), Poster: ‘The design of practicable beam steering and beam shaping phase-change metasurfaces working at telecom frequencies’ (authors: C. Ruiz de Galarreta,  A. Alexeev, J. Bertolotti, M.J. Cryan, M. Klemm, C.D. Wright)
  • April 2017, 2017 MRS Spring meeting, Arizona (EEUU), Presentation: ‘Tunable dielectric metadevices enabled by phase-change materials’ (authors: A Alexeev, C Ruiz de Galarreta, S Garcia-Cuevas Carrillo, I S Sinev, CD Wright, E Gemo, V K Nagareddy, DA Zuev)


  •  October 2016, WAFT Scientific meeting 2016, Oxford (UK), Poster: ‘A Phase-change metamaterial-based dynamic beam steering device’ (authors: C Ruiz de Galarreta, J Bertolotti, M Cryan, M Klemm, C D Wright)
  • September 2016, E\PCOS conference 2016, Cambridge (UK), Presentation: ‘Phase-Change meta photonics’ (authors:  C David Wright, Carlota Ruiz de Galarreta, Liam Trimby, Santiago Garcia-Cuevas, Jacopo Bertolotti, Maciek Klemm, Martin Cryan)

XM2 Graduation Winter 2019

L to R: Thomas Collier, Ben Hogan, Cheng Shi and Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo

Congratulations to Thomas Collier, Henry Fernandez, Cameron Gallagher, Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo, Ben Hogan and Cheng Shi, who graduated on Friday 13th December. We held a post-graduation celebration in Physics SCR, attended by their fellow PGRs and supervisors.

These graduates have gone on to a variety of destinations, including both academia (three of our graduates have stayed on with University of Exeter) and industry. We wish them all the best for their futures:

Graduate Thesis Supervisors Next destination
Thomas Collier Double-Gated Quantum Rings and Nanohelices: From Theory to Novel Applications Misha Portnoi, Euan Hendry and Geoff Nash Patent Attorney in Brighton
Henry Fernandez  Optical and Electronic Study of Hybrid Light-Matter States Bill Barnes and Saverio Russo  Postdoctoral Researcher at the Aalto University (Finland)
Cameron Gallagher  Microwave Characteristics of Particulate Magnetic Composites Alastair Hibbins and Roy Sambles Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Exeter
Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo  Reconfigurable Phase-Change Metasurface Absorbers for Optoelectronics Device Applications David Wright and Geoff Nash  Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Exeter
 Ben Hogan  Fluid-Dispersed 2D Material Composites for Integrated Optoelectronic and Photonic Devices  Anna Baldycheva and Monica Craciun  TBC
 Cheng Shi  Metasurface Based Mid-infrared Devices  Geoff Nash and Isaac Luxmoore Research and Processes Engineer at WaveOptics

They join fellow alumni from the CDT who graduated in Summer 2018, Winter 2018 and Summer 2019.

Photos from this event below:

Management Board and Admin- last working dates for this year

Please find below a table the last working days for this year for Management Board and admin team, and their first working day of 2020.

We hope you enjoy the festive season!

Management Board
Staff member Last day in First day back
Alastair Hibbins Tuesday 17th December Monday 6th January
David Wright Friday 20th December Monday 6th January
Isaac Luxmoore Friday 20th December (AM only) Monday 6th January
Anja Roeding Tuesday 10th December Thursday 2nd January
Roy Sambles TBC TBC
Bill Barnes Thursday 19th December Monday 6th January (PM)- TBC
Deb Lee Tuesday 17th December Thursday 2nd January
Kelyn Luther Friday 20th December Thursday 2nd January

Rosamund Herapath presents at TERANET UK-THz Symposium

On 4th and 5th December 2019, fourth year PGR Rosamund HerapathDr. Lauren Barr (alumna of the CDT) and Prof. Euan Hendry went to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for the ‘TERANET UK-THz Symposium’.

The event included 23 speakers from around the UK to discuss recent advances made in the field of mm-wave and THz research, alongside updates from ongoing collaborations and larger scale THz projects. There was also a poster session and evening meal. Topics included: THz imaging, photomodulators, THz metamaterials and others.

Rosamund at Teranet Dec 2019
Dr. Lauren Barr at Teranet Dec 2019

Rosamund presented her work ‘Terahertz Emission from a Cavity- enhanced Spintronic Trilayer’.
Lauren presented ‘Using geometry to improve modulation for single-pixel THz imaging’.
Euan presented a keynote talk ‘Computational mm-wave and THz imaging’.

Teranet UK is an EPSRC network for THz science and technology research in the UK, and encourages collaborations and communication across UK THz groups at Universities and other facilities to take advantage of the high number of THz groups in the UK.

Prof. Euan Hendry at Teranet Dec 2019

Beyond a PhD: Dr Ben Masheder speaks about his journey from a UK PhD in Chemistry to postdoc in Japan, SME scientist in Wales, and Innovation Specialist at Business West in Bristol.

On Friday, 29 December 2019, Dr Ben Masheder gave a hugely inspiring talk to the CDT in Metamaterials PhD students on his career progression since he left University with a PhD in Chemistry. He highlighted how not knowing what’s next and just being a nice person by sharing a picture with a research visitor from Japan can lead to an opportunity being dropped on your door step when you most need it.

His experience as a postdoc in Japan was followed by a time of looking for a new opportunity to pay the bills once he moved back to the UK. He outlined how making yourself useful, applying your research skills and adaptability in other areas can lead to quite some CV building and satisfying progress to materials scientists and innovation specialist.

The time Ben has spent working at Sellafield, the National Nuclear Lab, AIST in Japan, and DST Innovations from 2014-2019 brough tabout a huge range of expertise way beyond his PhD topic: from working on controlling formation of solids in legacy nuclear waste tanks, to robust omniphobic dewettable surfaces for metal part protection in machines and engine, and on to photovoltaics, printed batteries/supercapacitors, energy harvesting, wearable electronics, IoT devices, augmented reality, lighting, displays, laser label marking, and flexible electronics.

He enabled his former employer to better understand and apply for funding schemes, and utilised this knowledge sucessfully when it became time to prioritise family time over commuting time: Ben recently started a postion as Innovation Specialist at Business West in Bristol, a not-for-profit company which offers business support to start-up and growing businesses in the West of England.

Ben spoke in a very engaging and approachable way about the bends his career took, and the reasons for his decisions.

We would like to say thanks to Ben for being such a great role model to PhD students who will face the same “What next?” challenge soon enough, and proving that no matter what you do, if you’re open-minded, if you apply yourself and utilise the knoweldge and experience you’ve got, you will find your way, step by step.

Good luck in your new role, Ben. We look forward to engaging further with Business West!

Fun-COMP creates first ever integrated nanoscale device programmable with either photons or electrons

Congratulations to Prof. C. David Wright whose work as lead of the EU H2020 project Fun-COMP was featured on the University’s main news webpage.

The team have created the first-ever integrated nanoscale device programmable with either photons or electrons. This device helps achieve faster and more energy efficient computer memories and processors. Fun-COMP is a collaboration between researchers at Universities of Exeter, Oxford and Münster, along with IBM Zurich, Thales Saclay, IMEC and C2N-CNRS.

The findings are detailed in the paper Plasmonic nanogap enhanced phase change devices with dual electrical-optical functionality, which Prof. C. David Wright co-authored.