PGR Carlota Ruiz De Galarreta chairs a session at Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp workshop

From 11th to 14th August, fourth year PGR Carlota Ruiz De Galarreta  attended the Complex Nanophotonic Science Camp, held in Cumberland Lodge (Windsor Park). The event is specifically oriented to early-career stage scientists working in different fields, such as imaging in turbid media, optical neural networks or disordered metasurfaces.CDT alumnus Ilya Starshynov contributed a talk on ‘Non-line-of-sight imaging using artificial neural networks’.

Here’s what Carlota said about her experience:

During the event, I had the opportunity to attend to various talks from a wide range of topics going from structural colour generators to biosensors, as well as to chair one of the sessions. In addition, I’ve been given the opportunity to present my work about all-dielectric phase-change metasurfaces in the poster session, which I found quite useful to get feedback from people working in different areas (hence to get new points of view and perspectives of my work!).

I would definitely come back next year!


Carlota’s publications include ‘Nonvolatile Reconfigurable Phase-Change Metadevices for Beam Steering in the Near Infrared’ in Advanced Functional Materials. Her PhD project is on ‘Electronically-controllable optical wavefront shaping with phase-change metamaterials’, supervised by Prof. C. David Wright and Dr Jacopo Bertolotti. 

She is now working with David as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Exeter, where she continues working in the field of reconfigurable phase-change metasurfaces and photonics, as well as helping new CDT students with their projects. She has been recently involved in the Fun-Comp European project, which aims to develop new electronic and photonic computing building blocks and computing networks based on phase-change materials.

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