Innovative creations at Exeter and Queensland HealthTech Hackathon

Third year PGR Pablo Martinez Pancorbo took part in The Exeter & Queensland HealthTech Hackathon on 29th-31st March 2019. A Hackathon (Hacking Marathon) is an event where a multidisciplinary team collaborate for an intense period of time on a specific project; the goal is to create something useable and tangible.

This was three day event- sixty hours in total- where Pablo contributed his expertise to hack a health problem using technology. Collaborating with students from different disciplines such as sport science, health, physics, sociology, art, business, engineering, film studies, psychology, history, and neuroscience he worked with local patients and practitioners to hack the problem.

His group created a Photoframe that displays local events automatically updated from a database for dementia carers. They used IoT devices including a RaspberryPi and ETL processes via Node-red and IBM cloud. The final product was called Carer Connect; photo below.

The created product

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