Ineta Grikalaite and Joaquin Faneca give virtual presentations at SPb Photonic, Optoelectronic, & Electronic Materials 2020

Fourth year student Joaquin Faneca and second year student Ineta Grikalaite attended SPb Photonic, Optoelectronic, & Electronic Materials 2020 online conference and presented their work during the virtual poster sessions in the format of a 1 min elevator pitch. Joaquin presented his work on “On-chip sub-wavelength Bragg grating design based on novel low loss phase-change materials”, while Ineta presented her work on “Terahertz metadevices with multilayer graphene”. Communicating their work in an online format was a new and exciting experience for both students, with an opportunity to reach a significantly wider audience compared to a conventional conference.

Both virtual posters were tweeted on @spbpoem and can be found by looking up the hashtag #spbpoem_poster.

Ineta Grikalaite
Joaquin Faneca

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