Integrated phase-change photonics for memory and computing devices

PGR Emanuele Gemo

This video, narrated by our third year PGR Emanuele Gemo, gives a short description of the integrated phase-change photonic memory, a device allowing to store and retrieve non-volatile information on optical chips.

Emanuele’s research project is focused on the theoretical study of this class of devices, and on the proposal of solutions to improve its energy, speed and memory density performances. This device architecture has the potential to be exploited not only for memory applications, but also for in-memory computing: this aim is pursued by the EU2020 funded Fun-COMP research project, led by Prof. C.David Wright, which is a collaboration between seven academic and industrial partners focused to create a light signal based – biologically inspired neuromorphic platform, of which the phase-change photonic memory is an integral part.

The video has been created for the Fun-COMP website, to explain to an extended audience this key building block, with simple terms and yet drawing upon all the essential elements.

Emanuele co-authored “Tunable Volatility of Ge2Sb2Te5 in Integrated Photonics”, a paper which was recently published in prestigious journal Advanced Functional Materials

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