Jess Brown at Acoustofluidics Forum

Jess presents her research

On 16th and 17th October, third year PGR Jess Brown attended Acoustofluidics Forum. She reports on her experience of the event:


This 2-day meeting of the Acoustofluidics Special Interest Group in the UK Fluidic Network took place at Cardiff University, hosted by Dr Chris Yang and his research group (MUSL) – this is the 9th SIG meeting since 2017, and they have been held all over the UK and further afield.
I attended with Caroline Pouya (a post-doc in my research group), and we both gave talks about our current research, discussing how it’s related to Acoustofluidics. This was the first presentation I’ve given outside the CDT, so it was a big confidence boost for me to get some external validation of my work! The other attendees had interesting questions for me to consider, and I also found some potential collaborations.
Since my research is only tenuously associated with acoustofluidics, I found learning about something slightly different a welcome and stimulating change of scene – talks about engineering and medical applications particularly stood out for me, which explored how sound can be used to sense damage in aircraft components and monitor heart function, or filter bacteria from milk and manipulate cancer cells for disease diagnosis. I also appreciated the networking sessions, meeting other PhD students and big names in the field, and sharing ideas and experiences.
Overall it was a very enjoyable event, and I’m keen to attend another soon! Back to my own research in the meantime…

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