Josh Hamilton passed his viva – well done, and good luck at QinetiQ!

It is our pleasure to announce that Joshua Hamilton, supervised by  Prof Feodor Ogrin and Dr Peter Petrov, has passed his viva with minor corrections. He was examined by Dr Mariana Medina Sanchez (IFW Dresden, Germany)  and Stefano Pagliara  (University of Exeter).

He recently started a postdoc position at QinetiQ,  developing new materials or structures that can be used to control the propagation of microwave radiation.

During his PhD studies since 2015 he presented his work in posters and talks at various conferences, nationally and internationally (e.g. 6th International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism 2018 – 3rd place poster prize), and secured two travel grants to attend magnetism conferences in Dresden and San Francisco, respectively.

In addition, Josh organised a 3 day workshop “Bio-inspired Magnetic Systems” at Exeter in 2018.

He published various articles:

.. and his currently preparing two more based on the results during his PhD studies.

Learn more about Josh and his experiences in CDT for Metamaterials:

We wish him all the best of luck in his future career and hope to welcome him back at Exeter in the next few years to inspire the next generation of materials scientists and engineers.

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