£15,000 ChAMP and WAFT Collaboration Fund award

£15,000  were recently awarded by the ChAMP / WAFT Collaboration Fund to the Physical Chemistry group at Cambridge and researchers at the University at Exeter.

The CDT in Metamaterials PGR Liam Trimby contributed significantly to the development of this proposal, following an idea from Dr A Alexeev to demonstrate a novel approach for chemical sensing based on phase-change IR metamaterial devices, and to use the preliminary results to submit a larger collaborative grant application.

Both the ChAMP and WAFT research projects are funded by EPSRC and work with a number of academic and industrial partners. Synergies between the projects have developed joint funding of PhD student/post-doc led proposals for collaborative research across ChAMP and WAFT.

This project will last from 1-June-2018 to 30-September-2018 and bring together a team from Engineering at the University of Exeter

  • Liam Trimby – PhD candidate at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials
  • Dr Arseny Alexeev – Honorary Research Fellow with 8 years’ experience in nanophotonic devices
  • Prof David Wright – Leader of Nanoengineering Science and Technology Group, Department of Engineering

and a team from Physical Chemistry at the University of Cambridge

  • Farah Alimagham – PhD candidate in optical chemical sensors, spectroscopy and microfluidic systems
  • Dr Tanya Hutter – Research Fellow with 8 years’ experience in chemical sensor development
  • Prof Stephen Elliott – Leader of Chemical Physics Group at the Department of Chemistry.

Congratulations to the succesful applicants!

More information on ChAMP and WAFT:

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