XM2 proudly presents: The first Materials for Clean Energy Conference at NPL

Our very first Materials for Clean Energy Conference (MCEC2019) took place from 8 – 10 April 2019 at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

The MCEC2019 organisers would like to thank all participants, our sponsors (the CDT in Advanced Characterisation of Materials, the Energy Harvesting Network, the Knowledge Transfer Network, Shimadzu, and Princeton Instruments), and in particular NPL, who have been an amazing host to this conference.

A mixed audience of over 70 researchers from national and international universities, laboratories, and industry made the event a huge success:

The technical program was led by six invited speakers covering innovative development in perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells, thick film energy harvesting, graphene based supercapacitors, and enhanced oxygen elec-trocatalysis. MCEC2019 covered two main themes, i.e. Energy Harvesting on 8th – 9th April and the Energy Storage on 9th -10th April. A total of 54 abstracts from national and international researchers were selected for presentation, which have been organised into 10 oral sessions and three poster sessions.

If you’d like to take part in the next MCEC event (date tbc), do not hesitate to get in touch: metamaterials@exeter.ac.uk.

XM2 representation at MCEC2019


  • Mian Zahid Hussein, 3rd year PGR: MOF derived Photocatalysts for highefficient solar-light-driven H2evolution
  • Kieran Walsh, 3rd year PGR: Intercalated graphene electrodes for photovoltaic applications


  • Shane Davies, 2nd year PGR: Nano-scale Patterning ForThermoelectric Applications
  • Kavya Sadanandan, 1st year PGR: Fabrication of semi-transparent triboelectric nanogenerator for wearable devices
  • Ned Taylor, 3rd year PGR: Solving the Riddle of Colossal Permittivity
  • Conor Price, 1st year PGR: Artificial Photosynthesis from Perovskite Materials: A SrSnO3 Case Study
  • Francis Davies, 3rd year PGR: 2D Rules: Band Gap Engineering in Weakly Interacting van der Waals Heterostructures
  • Conor Murphy, 2nd year PGR: FeCl3doped few-layer graphene as flexible electrode in solution processed OLED devices
 More pictures from the day below:

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