New Publication: Calcium-stannous oxide solid solutions for solar devices

Ned Taylor

Congratulations to final year PGR Ned Taylor, who is lead author of ‘Calcium-stannous oxide solid solutions for solar devices’, published in Applied Physics Letters last week.

Ned gives a short summary of his work:

In this work, the potential of calcium-doped stannous oxide is explored for its potential as an active layer in an all-oxide solar cell design. The authors find an alloy formed of doping Sn:Ca with ratio 7:1 in SnO to exhibit favourable electronic and optical properties for a photovoltaic material. A potential design is proposed for an all-oxide solar cell based around the aforementioned solid solution being the active layer, where TiO2 and CaO are the adjacent transport layers. This study is performed using first principles density functional theory methods to explore the systems. This work was funded jointly be the CDT and Solaris Photonics, with the work being conducted by Ned Taylor and Steve Hepplestone.

Ned’s previous publications include ‘The Fundamental Mechanism Behind Colossal Permitivity in Oxides’, which he co-authored with fellow CDT PGRs Francis Davies, Shane Davies and Conor Price.

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