New Publication: ‘Microwave Superdirectivity with Dimers of Helical Elements’

Congratulations to third year PGR Pavel Petrov, whose article ‘Microwave Superdirectivity with Dimers of Helical Elements’ was published yesterday in Physical Review Applied.

Pavel summarises his article:

This paper demonstrates experimental realisation of the subwavelength superdirective antenna that reaches close to theoretical maximum of directivity without using complex feeding network. We introduce a novel design of superdirective dimer using helical elements, and describe how parameters of such structures can be optimised using our analytical method. We than show how the geometric parameters of helices and the conductivity of material used may affect directivity, efficiency and gain of the optimised dimer structure. This work is a result of the year and a half of hard work which has been sponsored by DSTL and is a part of SYMETA collaboration.

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