Pablo Martinez Pancorbo wins first prize in ChemBio category of RSC Twitter Poster Competition

Third year PGR
 Pablo Martinez Pancorbo
has won first prize in the ChemBio category of Royal Society of Chemistry‘s Twitter Poster Competition. Pablo’s poster was on Smart nanoparticle design for finding and killing early-stage single cancer cells.

The #RSCPoster Twitter Conference is an online event held entirely over Twitter to bring members of the scientific research community together to share their research, network and engage in scientific debate. The 2019 edition of #RSCPoster was the biggest yet, taking place for 24 hours starting at 09:00 AM GMT, 5 March 2019. In its fifth year, #RSCPoster boasted subject categories spanning the chemical sciences and related fields.

Reaching throughout the twitter chemical sciences community and beyond, #RSCPoster 2019 involved:
• Over 500 registered poster delegates
• 3186 Contributors
• 9759 Tweets
• Audience of over 2 million
• 14 million total impressions

To find out more about Pablo’s research, check out his student profile or his research blog.  Pablo’s winning poster is below:

Pablo’s winning poster

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