Julia de Pineda Gutierrez wins best student paper at IEE Radio and Antenna days of the Indian Ocean Conference

Fourth year PGR Julia de Pineda Gutierrez discusses the two conferences she recently attended and their successful outcomes:

Last month, I attended two conferences, where I had the chance to present my latest research. Between the 16th and the 21st of September I took part in the 13th International congress on Artificial Materials for novel wave phenomena (also known as Metamaterials) in Rome. I was invited to present my work in a special session organized by the Physical Review Journals. After the session there was also an opportunity to meet the Physical Review editors. The session was a showcase for the work that was published in the different Physical Review Journals the year before. I was invited to present my paper on microwave edge modes that was published in Physical Review B, titled ‘Microwave edge modes on a metasurface with glide symmetry’.

The conference was a great opportunity to make new contacts and to learn about the latest work in the field of metamaterials.

The following week, I flew to Reunion Island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean, to attend the IEEE Radio and Antenna days of the Indian Ocean conference. I also gave an oral presentation, in this case titled ‘Metasurfaces for high index effective media’.

With this, I won the best student paper competition, which included a certificate and a 300€ cash prize.

Julia’s other publications include Metasurface bilayer for slow microwave surface waves’ and ‘Hexagonal symmetry metasurfaces for broadband antenna application’.

Julia presents her latest research

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