PGR presentations at Magnetism 2022


On the 28-29th of March the Magnetism 2022 conference took place in York. Magnetism 2022 is the premier conference organised by the UK and Republic of Ireland magnetism community, with a huge range of topics from spintronics, superconductors, nanoparticles and nanostructures to biomagnetism. The attendees from CMRI included fourth year PhD students Jacob Binsley, Connor Sait, Oliver Latcham and Katie Lewis.

After two years of this conference being online only it was great to see how many people attended, eager to return to the benefits and networking opportunities that only in-person conferences can provide. This conference still had online hybrid capabilities and all of the 50 oral talks and 80 poster presentations are available to access for all conference attendees and Institute of Physics (IoP) members from the IoP YouTube pages and the conference website.

The runner-up poster prize was won by final year student, Katie Lewis, with the title ‘Vortex Dynamics in microscopic thin film spherical shells’.  Posters were displayed in the main foyer of the conference centre and were available in-between talks and during breaks, as well as an hour-and-a-half dedicated poster session at the end of the first day of the conference. Connor Sait and Oliver Latcham also presented their research in these poster sessions.

Jacob Binsley, final year PhD student, presented his work in the talk titled ‘Elasto-Magnetic Pumps for Point-Of-Care Diagnostics’, which was a favourite among the session chairs, as shown in the following blog post written by Matthew Swallow, the Technical Product manager and Vice Chair of the UK Magnetics Society:

 ‘ One of my favourite talks of the day was “Elasto-Magnetic Pumps for Point-of-Care Diagnostics” by Jacob Binsley of the University of Exeter. Not only was this superbly delivered by an articulate and engaging young man, but it was immediately accessible by the audience in terms of what he was trying to do and why. By creating these tiny pumps he hopes to improve the scope of the sorts of Covid self test kits have become such common place, to detect more illness with more complex “on chip testing”.

Other presenters from the University included Prof. Feodor Ogrin, Prof. Gino Hrkac, Mohammad Alneari, Dr Yat-Yin Au, Dr Maciej Dabrowski and Connor Skelland.

Katie Lewis’ poster on ‘Vortex Dynamics in microscopic thin film spherical shells’, which won the runner-up poster prize at Magnetism 2022

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