Presentations and Talks at Washington DC-Intermag 2019

From January 14th to 18th, fourth year XM² postgraduate researchers Angus Laurenson and Natalie Whitehead, third year XM² postgraduate researchers David Osuna Ruiz and Elizabeth Martin, second year XM² postgraduate researcher Peter Inzani and first year XM² postgraduate researcher Oliver Latcham attended MMM-Intermag 2019 in Washington DC. The Conference includes all aspects of fundamental and applied magnetism, with sessions reviewing the latest advances in magnetic materials, emerging applications, new phenomena, spin electronics, energy and power applications, biomagnetism and much more.

Our postgraduate researchers gave talks on “Improving the excitation and detection of spiral spin waves in magnetic nano-patches” (David); “Collective excitation in a Skyrmion-Bubble domain lattice stabilised in an antidot lattice” (Angus); “CFD Modelling of Ferromagnetic Micromotors” (Peter) and “Graded Index Lenses for Spin Waves” (Natalie).

Lizzie presented her poster on “Advanced Processing of Bio-Inspired Microfluidic Elasto-Magnetic Devices” and Oliver’s was on “Scattering of Acoustic Waves from 1D Arrays of Magnetic Inclusions”.

This conference was a great example of knowledge-sharing between our different cohorts.

Photos below from the event:





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