Training and other events: September 2020 to December 2020

Please find below a table of all upcoming XM² training and other events from September 2020 to December 2020. Please note due to the current lockdown situation, dates and location are subject to change. All Beyond a PhD and Colloquia will take place online.

Induction is scheduled to take place in week beginning 21st September and will take place online. Students will be sent the full schedule once it has been set.


21.09.20-25.09.20 Induction Week 1st years All day via Zoom
28.09.20 Induction: Meet Your Pastoral Tutor 1st years 09:00-10:00 via Zoom
29.09.20 CDT Group Meetings (Chair Handover) 2nd years 13:30-14:30 via Zoom
30.09.20 Introduction to COMSOL 1st years 09:00-12:00 via Zoom
30.09.20 Induction: Meet The Technical Team 1st years 14:00-15:00 via Zoom
01.10.20 Introduction to Statistics 1st years 16:30-17:30 via Microsoft Teams
02.10.20 Metamaterials Colloquium- Minerva Prize Colloquium: Louisa Brotherson, University of Liverpool, ‘Absolute acoustic sensor calibration for quantifying lab-generated earthquake sources’ All PGRs 12:30-13:30 via Zoom
06.10.20 Introduction to Outreach with Exeter Science Centre All 11:00-11:30 via Zoom
08.10.20;15.10.20;22.10.20;29.10.20 Statistics All 1st years via Microsoft Teams
23.10.20 Beyond a PhD: Dr. Laura Stoica, Piezoelectric Materials Research Manager at Thales All PGRs 12:30-13:30 via Zoom
05.11.20 and 12.11.20 Statistics 1st years 16:30-17:30 via Microsoft Teams
13.11.20 Metamaterials Colloquia: Prof. Mario G. Silveirinha (University of Lisbon), “Nonreciprocal and Topological Electromagnetics” All PGRs 12:30-13:30 via Zoom
19.11.20 CBC: Mandatory Session 1st years 09:30-11:00 or 11:30-1pm (sign up via Doodle poll) via Microsoft Teams
04.12.20 Metamaterials Colloquia: Prof. Isabelle Staude (University of Jena),(title TBC) All PGRs 12:30-13:30 via Zoom

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