Welcome SAG 2019/2020

SAG committee 2019/20, L to R: James Capers, Jess Brown, James Laurenson, Julia De Pineda Gutierrez, Katie Lewis, Emily Glover and Conor Price

As the New Year starts, there are some changes in the student advisory group for the CDT. Third years Emily Glover and Jess Brown are the new co-chairs, with Julia de Pineda Gutierrez stepping down as she approaches the end of her PhD.

About her new role, Jess says,

‘I’ve been a member of SAG since day one of my PhD, and I feel that my approachability, good communication skills and understanding of the role of SAG PGRs will allow me to co-chair SAG effectively in the coming year. Emily and I work well together and we’re looking forward to representing CDT PGRs, passing on feedback to the Management and Oversight Boards, and making sure the CDT runs smoothly!’.

Emily adds,

‘I’ve enjoyed being a part of SAG since I started my PhD, and I’m looking forward to work with Jess and co-chair this year. I hope we are able to run it as smoothly as in the past years.’

With the new cohort that started in 2019, two new members have joined SAG: James Capers and James Laurenson. James Capers says

“I joined SAG because I wanted to take an active role in making the CDT experience better for the students by constructively voicing student opinions. It’s also helpful to me personally, as it allows me to develop skills that will be valuable for my future career.”

James Laurenson adds,

“I look forward to understanding more about how the CDT is run through SAG, as well as improving my team work and management skills, which I have learnt are important in project management.”

Unfortunately we are also having to say goodbye to one member as well, as William Ferguson steps down from his SAG responsibilities to spend more time focussing on his work and ever-looming thesis deadline.

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