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Hi everyone! My name is Poppy Osborne & I’m a final year BSc Business and Management student! This summer I took part in Project Enhance and spent a considerable amount of time working with the University on developing the online modules everyone is now using. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on the best, and most challenging, parts of studying this way?


Hi, I’m Millie, a final year Economics with Geography student. As a DLA I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help the University transition towards a blended learning approach and compare my previous learning experiences to the new approach Exeter is taking. Please let us know your true experiences of blended learning and how it compares to previous years!


Hi everyone! My name is Maria Eduarda, and a second-year Business Management student. This new academic year has been a great way of developing new interests. To me, I started producing videos during my internship at the University, and it became my new hobby! How has this new way of learning impacted your life?