Graduate in Focus: MSc Biodiversity & Conservation

If you have ever wondered where a MSc in Conservation & Biodiversity from the University of Exeter could take you … look no further than our selection of International and UK Graduates journeys and careers below!



International graduates

Kelly Atkins (USA, 2014) – PhD Student, University of Exeter

Shareen Arnold (Belize, 2013) – Lecturer, University of Belize

Elizabeth Campbell (Peru, 2014) – PhD Student with Prodelphinus (Peru) and the University of Exeter

Lili Poggio Colman (Brazil, 2013) – Post Doctoral Researcher, Projeto Tamar (Brazil) and the University of Exeter

Megan Chevis (Panama, 2015) – National Coordinator, MarAlliance Panama

Jennifer Cruce-Horeg (USA, 2009)  Conservation Resources Programme Manager, U.S. Department of Navy, Guam

Sukanya David (India, 2019) – Intern, the Wildlife Trust of India

Joana Hancock (Portugal, 2011)  Sea Turtle Biologist, Olive Ridley Project, Kenya

Wiebke Lammers (Germany, 2014) – Data Management Officer, Public Health Scotland

Seh Ling Long (Malaysia, 2011) – Principal Officer, Lang Tengah Turtle Watch 

Kieran McCloskey (USA, 2017)  PhD Student, University of Exeter

Diana Melville (Trinidad and Tobago, 2011) – PhD Student, KU Leuven/ University of Aruba 

Barbara Selles Rios (Spain, 2019) – Sea Turtle Conservation Program CoordinatorOsa Conservation

Ana Veiga (Cape Verde, 2009) – Vice President and Founder of NGO Lantuna


UK graduates

Matt Carter (UK, 2014) – Post Doctoral Research Fellow with SMRU at St. Andrews University

Thomas Clay (UK, 2012)  Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Liverpool

Tammy Davies (UK, 2008) – Marine Science Officer, BirdLife International

Phil Doherty (UK, 2011)  Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Exeter

Haley Dolton (UK, 2018) – PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin

Catherine Hart (UK,2009) – Scientific Director at Red Tortuguera (Sea Turtle Network), Mexico

Victoria Jeffers (UK, 2014)  Head of Implementation – Global Conservation Programmes, Blue Ventures

Chris Kerry (UK, 2018) – PhD Student, University of Exeter

Kristian Metcalfe (UK, 2008) – Lecturer, University of Exeter

Sarah Nelms (UK, 2014)  Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Exeter

Matt Thurlow (UK, 2014) – Ecologist, Wheal Grey Ecology









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