Welcome to Covid-Nurse.The first national clinical trial of nursing care for patients infected with Covid-19…

Welcome to the COVID-NURSE Trial website. COVID-NURSE is the first, and currently only, robust clinical trial of nursing care for patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus – commonly called COVID-19 – globally.

We are testing a clinical nursing care protocol, based on a combination of published evidence and practice based innovations from nurses themselves. Nurses and patients are ‘co-creating’ the COVID-NURSE intervention from this combination of evidence.

You can find more details of the trial, including the pre-trial development work of systematic review and practice survey, on these pages. If you want to become involved in the trial or our other work – as a nurse or as a patient – please use the contact details here.

Why is COVID-NURSE so important?

“Nurses are critical to patient experience and care. Nurses help people with eating, drinking, going to the toilet, skin care, moving, keeping clean, breathing, communication and mental wellbeing. We know many nurses have risen to the complex challenges of caring for people with COVID-19 in innovative ways. This study will help us establish what has proved effective, so that innovations that benefit patients can be rolled out to the global nursing community.”

– Professor David Richards, Chief Investigator


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