The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world. On top of medical and scientific research, learning to live with COVID also requires identifying, understanding and tackling the social, cultural, political, ethical and environmental shifts emerging from the pandemic. Drawing on longstanding expertise in the social study of science and in the medical humanities at the University of Exeter, this digital platform draws together cutting-edge work on those societal changes, while also providing a platform for collaboration, and for seeing connections across boundaries. This platform aims to engage members of the public in humanities and social science research, by offering routes to contact researchers, to participate in projects, and to offer their own research questions and priorities. We have distributed these into seven broad themes — with some falling in more than one theme — listed below (in no particular order) with their ten most recent entries. If there’s more than ten entries, click on the theme link to browse all of them.

Theme: Law, Business and Education

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Theme: Nature and Environment

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Theme: Stories and Experiences

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Theme: Health and Wellbeing

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Theme: Care and Communities

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Theme: Science and Data

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Theme: Government and the Media

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