Sergei Eisenstein – Group 6 This is an Independent article on Sergei Eisenstein, written by Joe Sommerlad on January 22nd […]

Group 2 – Our First Impression of Film History

As a group raised in the 21st century, we have grown accustomed to a certain […]

Group 6: First take on Film

Growing up in the 21stCentury, children and teenagers are so used to films with brightly […]

Week 2 – Group 3

Before studying early cinema, we were expecting black and white silent films with unadvanced cinematography […]

Our Experience with Film History – Group 5

What are the problems and challenges that early cinema poses for you as film historians? […]

Week 2 – Group 1 – First Impressions

Having grown up in the 21st Century, the large majority of films we’ve previously seen […]

What is Film History?

What is Film History? Film history spans the decades from early 16th century to around […]

What is film history? Group 3

 What is Film History?    It is difficult to say when ‘cinema’ was invented, because what […]

Week 1 – Group 1 – Doing Film History

When asked to define the history of film, the task seemed simple, straightforward, maybe even… […]

Group 6: What is Film History?

Dating back as early as the 19thcentury, film production has transformed massively throughout the decades. […]