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Imp@ct -


See the IMP@CT modular system in operation here. Video will launch in a new tab.
image of containers ready to install
IMP@CT containers ready for installation on site
Mineco Plus d.o.o. team at Velicki Majdan, Serbia
Some images from the recent deployment in Serbia

IMP@CT  Partner BRGM has provided updates to the Open Access Minerals4EU platform and it is available here (Project Deliverable D2.2):

Upcoming online presentations
Below are links to two presentations – one about small-scale mining and one about the Of Earth, For Earth exhibition and book which is in preparation. Both will be part of the Tracing the Veins online conference, from June 29th to July 10th 2020.

Moore, Sidorenko and Sairinen 2020, SSM link:

Moore and Finch 2020, OEFE link:

IMP@CT  in the COVID-19 era
The IMP@CT project was due to end on 31st May, but owing to several logistical problems caused by the coronavirus and associated lockdowns, the project has been extended for six months on a cost neutral basis. This will give the partners time to retrieve intrinsic operating equipment from the test site in Serbia, and complete crucial Deliverables.
We were lucky enough to be able to hold our final conference in Cornwall, just before lock down was imposed, but it was not without its challenges, such as the only local airline going out of business just days before the conference, and the spreading virus across Europe making cancellations inevitable. However, we quickly learned the Zoom ropes, and managed to have a very enjoyable and successful four day conference, with some delegates and speakers joining remotely and those in the room practising an early form of social distancing (no hugs or handshakes and plenty of handwashing). Parallel to the conference was the art exhibition Of Earth, For Earth, which was held on site, with many of the artists contributing to the discussions, giving talks about their work, and interacting with the other delegates to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

Scenes from the Of Earth – For Earth exhibition

The IMP@CT  Final Conference will take place at Heartlands World Heritage Mining Site, Redruth, Cornwall from March 9th to March 12th, 2020. It is four days of talks and workshops dedicated to presenting the results of the project, and expanding the dialogue around small-scale, sustainable mining. The Final Programme is available here. Tickets are available on Eventbrite at no charge, but you must reserve a place by ticket.

To complement the conference we are hosting an art exhibition OF EARTH – FOR EARTH. We asked artists to respond to themes and narratives around mining. We chose six artists from the very many applications, and we are pleased to invite everyone to the opening reception on Monday, 9th March at 5pm. The exhibition will run for the duration of the conference and is open to the public from 9am to 5pm (4pm on Thursday 12th March). Some of the artist will give talks during the conference and others will give workshops. Please see the programme for full details.


IMP@CT team at University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is a finalist for a Europe-wide competition for women-led innovation. The IMP@CT team in Camborne School of Mines and Renewable Energy is led by geologist Kathryn Moore, Senior Lecturer in Critical and Green Technology Metals. Together the team seeks to develop sustainable whole systems mining solutions for production of an increasing diversity of technology metals. A public vote will decide which finalists are shortlisted for consideration of the award.Visit the website to read more about it or to cast your vote for the university, for women in STEMM or for low-carbon sustainable futures. Congratulations to the team on being named finalists and good luck.

Latest IMP@CT Newsletter published.


Project Workshop: Finland 2019

The Consortium has just held a stimulating and informative workshop and project meeting at Koli, in Eastern Finland, 15-17 May. The three day meeting consisted of presentations from IMP@CT members and other stakeholders, focusing on the subject of social sustainability associated with mining and resources. A full workshop report will be posted here shortly.

IMP@CT Workshop at Koli, Finland, May 2019
2019 Koli programme_website

Project Workshop: Balkans 2018

The second Balkans workshop was held in Bosnia and Serbia, 2-5 July 2018, and hosted by Mineco, and the Gross Mine at Srebenica in Bosnia.

IMP@CT Consortium members visit the refurbished smelting plant and mine site at Zayace in Serbia, July 2018


Members of the IMPaCT Consortium at the AIMS Conference, Aachen
Members of the IMPaCT Consortium at the AIMS Conference, Aachen

First International Conference “Mines of the Future” at RWTH Aachen, Germany 23-24 May 2018

The First International Conference MINES OF THE FUTURE, AIMS 2018 was held at RWTH Aachen on 23-24 May 2018. The IMPaCT Project held a special session during the conference which was well attended, and consisted of two Keynote speakers – Dr Kathryn Moore and Dominic Roberts from IMP@CT, and five further presentations from IMP@CT partners as well as posters, and participation in a panel discussion on the subject of “Mines of the future need to be different from those of today?”

Full Conference Report here

2018 IMP@CT Annual Project Meeting in Bristol, UK

The IMP@CT Consortium at the DoubleTree Cadbury House Hotel near Bristol, February 22-23 2018.


IMP@CT held its  Project Management Team Meeting in the UK on 22 and 23 February. It was a very informative and productive two days, with presentations and updates from almost all partners, and many decisions about the progress and next steps were made. In addition a separate WP6 kick off meeting was held, to get the Work Package off to a good start.


First IMP@CT Newsletter published. Please download here


Integrated Mobile Modularised Plant and Containerised Tools for sustainable, selective, low-impact mining of small, high-grade or complex deposits

The current mining paradigm promotes extraction from large ‘world-class’ deposits that have required innovations in mining techniques to deal with low grades, large infrastructure to deal with high throughputs and large feasibility studies to prove long-term commercial viability. High investment in operations is no longer available in the current economic climate and many small companies have ceased to trade, concentrating production and limiting the ability of the raw materials market to respond to increased demand for raw materials or shortages in raw material supply. Read more







Integrated Modular Plant and Containerised Tools for Selective, Low-impact Mining of Small High-grade Deposits

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