Project Workshop: Balkans

The second Balkans workshop was held in Bosnia and Serbia, 2-5 July 2018, and hosted by Mineco, and the Gross Mine at Srebenica in Bosnia. A full day’s visit was spent at Zayace, in Serbia., where workshops, and facilities visits were conducted in groups, and included an underground visit.

IMP@CT Consortium members visit the refurbished smelting plant and mine site at Zayace in Serbia, July 2018
Underground at Zayace mine.


Members of the IMPaCT Consortium at the AIMS Conference, Aachen
Members of the IMPaCT Consortium at the AIMS Conference, Aachen

First International Conference “Mines of the Future” at RWTH Aachen, Germany 23-24 May 2018

The First International Conference MINES OF THE FUTURE, AIMS 2018 was held at RWTH Aachen on 23-24 May 2018. The IMPaCT Project held a special session during the conference which was well attended, and consisted of two Keynote speakers – Dr Kathryn Moore and Dominic Roberts from IMP@CT, and five further presentations from IMP@CT partners as well as posters, and participation in a panel discussion on the subject of “Mines of the future need to be different from those of today?”

Dr Kate Moore and Prof Bernd Lottermoser at the AIMS conference

Dr Kathryn Moore (UNEXE) The emerging niche of small-scale mining (Keynote address)

Dominic Roberts (MINECO) The Future of European Mining (Keynote address)

Guillaume Bertrand (BRGM) IMP@CT baseline database for ‘switch-on switch-off’ extraction

Olga Sidorenko (UEF)  Reconsidering small-scale mining and its community relations in Europe: developing a research frame for case studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Luke Palmer (UNEXE)  Definition of mineral respurces during exploration and exploitation in a ‘switch-on switch-off’ mining context

Lars Barnewold (RWTH) Development of a mine pan for a flexible switch-on switch-off mining system in steeply dipping deposits

Jerome Bodin (BRGM) Linking mineral processing simulation with life cycle assessment to evaluate the potential environmental impacts in the framework of small-scale mining technologies development

Saeid Moradi (UNEXE) Poster: Designing the IMP@CT modular mobile containerised mineral processing plant

Marjan Knobloch (RWTH) Poster: Prediction of the acid and metalliferous drainage-forming potential for the Gorazde antimony deposit, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Marius Braun (RWTH) Poster: Ventilation systems for future mining operations

Full Conference Report here

2018 IMP@CT Annual Project Meeting in Bristol, UK

The IMP@CT Consortium at the DoubleTree Cadbury House Hotel near Bristol, February 22-23 2018.


IMP@CT held its  Project Management Team Meeting in the UK on 22 and 23 February. It was a very informative and productive two days, with presentations and updates from almost all partners, and many decisions about the progress and next steps were made. In addition a separate WP6 kick off meeting was held, to get the Work Package off to a good start.

Tobias Braun from RWTH Aachen


The First International Conference Mines of the Future at RWTH-Aachen, 23 & 24 May, 2018

IMP@CT at Aachen

Europe is not self-sufficient in critical raw materials and is currently dependent on raw material supplies from world class deposits across the globe. The IMP@CT Project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme is looking at developing an adaptable method of Switch-On, Switch-Off mining which would enable small and high-grade or complex ore deposits across Europe to be opened up in an economic and environmentally and socially sustainable way. IMP@CT is hosting a session on small-scale mining at the AIMS Conference in May, 2018, where project results and work in progress will be presented. The conveners invite abstracts that cover a wide range of topics related to the potential for small-scale mining. These can include, but are not limited to, ore deposit geology, the economics of mining, geometallurgy and minerals processing, and social and environmental sustainability.

Abstract submission is open and the deadline is 1st March 2018.

For more details and to register please visit the conference website;


First IMP@CT Newsletter published. Please download here


Dom Roberts (Mineco) Kate Moore (University of Exeter) and Frederic Goettman (Extracthive) representing IMP@CT at today’s EU EASME event for mining, in Brussels

IMP@CT members took part in an event aiming to bring together projects with similar aims in mining. Watch this space for a full report soon.


Integrated Mobile Modularised Plant and Containerised Tools for sustainable, selective, low-impact mining of small, high-grade or complex deposits

The current mining paradigm promotes extraction from large ‘world-class’ deposits that have required innovations in mining techniques to deal with low grades, large infrastructure to deal with high throughputs and large feasibility studies to prove long-term commercial viability. High investment in operations is no longer available in the current economic climate and many small companies have ceased to trade, concentrating production and limiting the ability of the raw materials market to respond to increased demand for raw materials or shortages in raw material supply. Read more







Integrated Modular Plant and Containerised Tools for Selective, Low-impact Mining of Small High-grade Deposits

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