Monthly Archives: May 2018

Updates from the field: cross-sectional survey


By Ricardo Safra de Campos


We have now completed the first stage of data collection in Chattogram. Our cross-sectional survey interviewed 450 individual migrants on issues related to wellbeing, security and integration. The comprehensive questionnaire included questions on social capital, length of residence, level of integration into urban economies and political processes, subjective and material wellbeing, exposure to threat multipliers such as environmental risks and hazards and more.

The survey was stratified along a transect from informal settlements to more upgraded slums, and employed quota sampling by length of residence to capture new migrants and those already established in Chattogram . The stratification included new migrants temporarily displaced to Chittagong following Cyclone Roanu in May 2016 and Chittagong Hill Tracts ethnic minority groups, also pushed by land degradation in the hills.

The research team is at present implementing the second stage of data collection at present. The Photo elicitation approach involves both migrants and urban planners as participants exploring sources of wellbeing and sources of insecurity in Chattogram.

We are thankful for the efforts of our enumerators and supervisors. In addition to conducting interviews, the team recorded field vignettes and took many pictures of the places where migrants leave and the daily conditions of life and work they face. We are delighted to share below a few selected photos taken in several locations where the survey was implemented.