Extra-curricular programme

Exeter streatham swimming pool

Exeter University Swimming Pool

Adjacent to the conference venue in the Xfi building, there is a pleasant outdoor swimming pool, located at Cornwall House: https://sport.exeter.ac.uk/facilities/swimmingpools/

The opening times may vary from what is shown online, so if you think you might like to use it, it would be worth checking in advance – but we’re mentioning it now so that you can bring a swimming costume and towel if you like the idea of a bracing early morning swim!

To book in a slot, go to this page : https://sportonline.exeter.ac.uk/exeteronlinebookings then on the left hand side choose “Classes”, “Outdoor pool”, then choose “casual swim” or “family swim” and see which time works best for you.

Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral

Here are the cultural activities that you will be able to do while in Exeter:

Visit of Exeter Cathedral: we are planning a group visit of 10+ people on Wednesday afternoon, of the Exeter Cathedral – a magnificent 15th Century cathedral at the heart of the city. This will need to be booked in advance, for a £11 fee at registration.

Red coat tours: embark on a tour of Exeter’s most famous places with the city guides, with their emblematic red coats. This visit is free of charge, and will take place on the Wednesday afternoon; this will need to be booked in advance at registration.

Visit Devon: hop on a train to Exmouth or Dawlish, and visit some of Devon’s most picturesque cities, while enjoying the seaside.

Red Coat tours

Red coat tours

Voici certaines activités que nous vous proposons lors de votre venue à Exeter:

Visite de la cathédrale: nous organisons une visite guidée de la Cathédrale, à partir de 10 personnes, le mercredi après-midi. La cathédrale d’Exeter, située au cœur de la ville, est un magnifique bâtiment du 15è siècle comprenant de nombreuses particularités, et une histoire marquée. Merci de réserver la visite en avance, au moment de l’enregistrement.

Red coat tours: laissez-vous guider autour d’Exeter par les spécialistes de la ville, les guides qui portent l’emblématique manteau rouge. Cette visite est gratuite, et aura lieu le mercredi après-midi. À réserver au moment de l’enregistrement.

Visitez le Devon: montez dans des nombreux trains en direction d’Exmouth ou de Dawlish, et visitez ces villes pittoresques de la côte du Devon, où les falaises de roche rouge côtoient la mer.


Exmouth marina

Exmouth Marina