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A Day in the Life of an MSc International Management Student - Business School Blog

Posted by on 28th Jan, 2020

By Caitlin, studying MSc International Management.


It took half an hour to get ready and have breakfast before heading up to campus. I only live a 15-minute walk from Streatham, but I always like to cycle so I can have an extra 10 minutes in bed!


I had my first rowing session up in the Sports Park. I really love that I can continue with my competitive training alongside studying for my master’s degree.


I went for breakfast and coffee with my rowing squad mates. It’s great that there are so many food options on campus so there are lots of healthy options to fuel me for rowing training.


I went to my first lecture of the day, Sustainable Enterprise Economy. This was my first lecture for this module so it was an introductory one where we found out about what we will be learning throughout this term. One of the assignments will be writing a consultancy report for the University discussing the management of Exeter Masters student’s sustainability impacts.

I think assignments like this are really useful for preparing us for working after we finish our studies. It allows us to explore very relevant topics such as climate change and practice presenting our ideas in a business report format – something I am sure I will be doing a lot of when I leave uni!


I took a half an hour break after my first lecture for lunch. I went and sat in the Business School Café, La Touche, with some of my friends on my course.


I went to a tutorial for my Banking and Financial Services module. We had questions to answer in preparation and during the tutorial we discussed the answers. It is really helpful that the tutorial questions mimic the format of our summer exam as it gives us time to practice and understand the topics we cover.


I met my rowing squad mates after my tutorial and we cycled down to our Boat house for our second rowing session of the day. This in on Exeter Canal and is only a 20-minute cycle from the

Streatham Campus.


After training I went home, and I started working on some lecture reading for my Marketing and New product Innovation module.


I finished my uni work for the day and went to cook dinner with my housemates whilst we caught up with each other’s days.


After dinner, we went to a rowing social in town where I saw all of my friends for a couple of hours before returning home.

I am thoroughly enjoying my Masters degree so far. As with any Masters programme, there is a lot of work to be done however I particularly value how this course allows me time to really commit to rowing, whilst also still having time to see my friends as it’s important to get the balance right.


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