ParaCon hosted the Convection Parametrization: Progress and Challenges workshop (#CPPC2019) at the Met Office (Exeter, UK) from 15 to 19 July 2019. Click to view the schedule.

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Workshop Aims

The aim of this workshop is to discuss and share the latest scientific understanding in convection parametrization research, and follows on from the 2017 Delft meeting on the future of cumulus parametrization. It is hosted by the ParaCon research programme, whose goal is to make significant advances in the representation of convection across model scales from 100 km down to 1 km.

Areas of interest include:

  • Dynamics of updraughts,  downdraughts and cold pools
  • Triggering, cloud populations and organization
  • Convection parametrization frameworks, and representation of convection in the grey zone
  • Convection-dynamics coupling
  • Turbulence approaches
  • Model evaluation techniques

Invited Speakers:

The following list of people have accepted our invitations for invited talks:

  • Cathy Hohenegger
  • Vincent Larson
  • Brian Mapes
  • Hugh Morrison
  • David Neelin (video conference remote presentation)
  • Sungsu Park
  • Stephan Rasp

During the workwhop, we will also host a side meeting for informal discussion about the Grey Zone project. The Grey Zone Project supports the development of scale-aware convection and boundary layer parameterisations across the, so-called, grey-zone resolutions of about 200m to 10km, and fosters international collaborations and community activities. Plans and initial tests related to the second phase of the project, which includes a case study based on the EUREC4A field campaign and a yet to be specified deep convective case, will be discussed.