Process evaluation training workshops and seminars

Process Evaluation and Realist Evaluation (PEARE) Group

The Process Evaluation and Realist Evaluation (PEARE) group meets bi-monthly. If you are an academic researcher (including PhD student) in the South West and would like to attend our events, please contact Gina Hack to be added to our email list.

Previous introductory workshops

  • Introduction to process evaluation
  • Developing theory and logic models for process evaluations
  • Integrating data in mixed methods process evaluations

Previous seminars

  • Introduction to process evaluations of complex interventions
  • Designing good process evaluations in the new era of complex interventions research
  • What is process evaluation? Language, concepts and principles
  • The new MRC process evaluation guidance: opportunities for researchers
  • Representing ‘process’ in process evaluation: using theory and logic models
  • Choosing what to measure and when to measure it
  • Measuring fidelity: form and function
  • Tensions between process and outcomes studies: hawthorne effects, blinding and publishing order
  • Using mixed methods: letting data talk to each other
  • Researching interventions as complex systems
  • Researching causation and explaining outcomes
  • Improving the quality of qualitative research in trials
  • Moderation and mediation analysis for process evaluation
  • Designing streamlined process evaluations
  • Mixed-methods mediation analysis for process evaluation
  • What is the difference between realist evaluation and process evaluation?
  • How does ‘implementation’ in process evaluation relate to the ‘implementation studies’ field?