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Examples - InVEnTA - Interactive Virtual Environments for Teaching and Assessment

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Case studies:

We are developing case studies to showcase the tool and functionality. Some case studies utilise research data collected in the field, others utilise global datasets that are available through Esri’s City Engine. We are exploring the application for these datasets to form the basis of a Virtual Fieldtrip an alternative to the compulsory residential fieldtrips and for students unable to attend fieldtrips due to mitigating circumstances. Using the InVEnTA tool immersive environments are easily created to teach about for example (a) our own research data on glacial processes and Arctic fieldwork (b) effect of sea-level rise, (c) cityscapes and campus tours (d) 3D models.

Example IVEs within InVEnTA(a) Russel Glacier (b) sea-level-rise feature (c) city-scape (d) 3D model

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