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Aims & Activities - Lesson Study Network

Aims & Activities


  1. To promote understanding about lesson study and related practices (learning studies) in their contexts and across varied phases of education.
  2. To support further thinking and research about developing lesson study practices in ITE and CPd>
  3. To examine knowledge exchange and other lesson study processes


  1. To bring colleagues from different the Research Centres and from the PGCE together within a new network.
  2. To establish Graduate School of Education as a University centre for innovative lesson study theory and practice, building on the recent World Association of Lesson Study (WALS) conference 2016.
  3. To examine the prospects of lesson study to inform the design of ITE and CPD provided in GSE


  • 2-3 meetings per term (1-1.5 hours)
  • Read and critical discussion of lesson study related research literature
  • Informal presentations of lesson study related research and development ideas, practices and plans
  • Develop projects; funded and unfunded (using some internal funding now available)
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