Final Call: Exeter Start Up Weekend

Just a quick reminder about the Exeter Start Up Weekend to be held between the 17th – 19th June at the University of Exeter. It is the first time that university will be hosting the event, billed as providing “a unique opportunity to build lasting relationships with co-founders, mentors and possible investors” it is well worth exploring if you are interested in being involved in a start up business. Luckily, you don’t even need to come to the event with a business idea! If you have a passion for business, an interest in entrepreneurialism and an ability to sell, sell, sell then you will be welcomed with open arms into the event.

Those participants that do have ideas have 60 seconds to make a pitch to their poetical team. From there the best ideas will be developed. The weekend culminates with presentations to an audience of judges and potential investors, with prizes going to the best business ideas from the weekends developments. There will be support from former students who have gone on to run successful businesses in a whole range of different sectors. To book your ticket please check out Exeter Start Up Weekend 2015.


I will be blogging, reporting on each of the days events of the Start Up Weekend, as well as providing progress updates on some of the mentor’s businesses to keep you up to date. In term of MGR Music Tuition we have been madly hiring teachers of the last few weeks as we continue to expand nationally. We were also lucky enough to get our first ever enquiry on a language website which is exciting – much more work to do but it is possible that in late 2015 we will expanding beyond music lessons to language lessons here in the UK. We also launched several new websites including Piano Lessons Hull, Piano Lessons Coventry and Guitar Lessons Barnsley in the last few weeks.  So all go on the website build front. I am eager to meet some of this years web designers and coders at this years Start Up Weekend!

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This post was written by Matthew Rusk on July 12, 2015